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Reopening as a Holiday Cottage in April 2017

River Cottage has closed as a B&B after a thoroughly enjoyable ten years. We shall, however, be re-opening as a holiday cottage able to accommodate groups of between 6 and 20 people in April 2017. If you’re interested in making a holiday cottage booking, then please do so via Peak Venues using the link below. Sincere thanks to all our past guests, especially those whom we came to know well as a result of repeat stays.

Reopening as a Holiday Cottage in April 2017

The guest entrance to River Cottage is located on the first floor level of the building. This means that the bedrooms can be accessed without the need to use the staircase. This access statement covers access to our rooms and to the dining room.

Access to the guest bedrooms from the car park

The surface of the car park is stone chippings, so manoeuvring a wheelchair may prove difficult.

At the guest entrance there is a 1″ (2.5cm) stone step about 3 feet (.92cm) long in front of the door.

From the front door there is a tiled walkway of 19’6″ (c.6m) to a shallow step of 3’5″ (9cm).

The right hand door lintel of the first guest bedroom (Room 1) is 5’4″ (1.63m) to your right from this step.

The right hand door lintel of the next guest bedroom (Room 2) is 16′ (4.88m) to your right from the right hand door lintel of Room 1.

The next guest bedroom (Room 3) is reached by turning right at 45 degrees 5’6″ (1.65m) from the right hand door lintel of Room 2 and then immediately to the left. After 3′ (92cm) move sideways to your left about 8″ (20cm) and continue walking forwards and you will come to the left hand door lintel of Room 3 on your left after 10’6″ (2.6m).

5’7″ (1.7m) from the left hand door lintel of Room 3 there is a shallow step of 4.5″ (12 cm), dead ahead of which is the door to Room 4.

Access to the dining room

There is a handrail to the right hand side of the stairway to the dining room and this is painted in a different colour from the wall to highlight its position.

At the small landing outside Room 4 you will encounter the first of five standard- sized stairway steps, then 2 steps turning about 22 degrees each to the left followed by a further 7 steps dead ahead. After a further level 3′ (92cm) you will encounter the final step to the dining room floor.

Please note

There is a shallow step into each shower in the en-suite rooms and in the room with private bathroom (Room 3), the shower is over the bath.

Our antique French beds are approximately 6″ (15 cm) lower in height than a modern British one.

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